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How does Reminder notify upcoming appointments?

    Reminder calls attention to upcoming appointments in several ways:

    • So sieht eine nachträgliche Warnung aus! The "Alert" tab shows all appointments whose alert time in advance started. This includes ToDo appointments that have not been handled and appointments you missed, because your PC was turned off.
    • If you start Reminder together with Windows® the program calls your attention to upcoming appointments with a rotating program icon . Click on the icon and the first tab with the alerts is shown. You may also select the option that shows the tab as soon as windows has been started.
    • You may specify a sound file (wav format) that will be played to signal new alerts.
    • You can also have a yellow sticker appear on the screen to notify you of an appointment. The stickers will be displayed until you check it off. This prevents that you will miss an appointment, should you have not opened your reminder daily.
    • sticker for warningsand sticker for notes

Can I include my own icons in Reminder?

    Beispiel eines Symbols Yes. To include additional icons use Edit|Options in the menu. Grafic files (Windows Bitmap Format, RGB encoded) can be used if they are 16 pixels high and 17 pixel wide. It is recommended to only use the 16 windows® standard colors. The color pink will be transparent.

    If you are using Reminder in the network, the user defined icons of the common Reminder installation are used. Locally defined icons are disregarded.

How many appointments and categories can be used?

    The data file can contain up to 99 categories with an unlimited number of appointments.

How can I protect myself from data loss?

    Reminder creates optionally a backup (extension ".bak") of the data file once a day when you close the program. Since this backup file is on the same hard disk as the original file, this offers only limited protection.

    Your appointments and categories are stored in a file with the extension ".rem" (default is "noname.rem"). You may want to save your data file periodically (e.g. once a day) on disk.

    If you are using Reminder in network mode, you should also make a backup copy of the common data file with the extension ".rnz". This can be done by the usual nightly backup of all data on the server.

Aren't there too many appointments displayed in the view in advance?

    Zeitachse zur Verdeutlichung This is correct. The view in advance allows you to see all appointments for the next days (appointment A). This includes the appointments with a pre-warning time beginning in between these days (appointment B).

Can I use Reminder together with other users in the network?

    Yes. To schedule appointments together with other users open the dialog Edit|Options. Then activate the network option on the network tab. Now the data is stored in a common data file (extension «rnz») instead of a local data file (extension «rem»).

    You can schedule common appointments or appointments for other users. Activating the network mode allows to send notes to other users, too. This even works with the target PC turned off.

    If you declare an appointment to be private, other users in the network cannot see the contents of that specific appointment. All they can see is that the time period is occupied.

    The shareware version of Reminder allows to test the network mode with two users.

    More information can be found in the documentation of Reminder under the entry "network support". You do not need to modify any setting on your server.

I had to reinstall the operating system. How can I use my old user name?

    You user name is stored in the registry of the operating system. Therefore a reinstallation or hard disk change results in the loss of your user name. Unless you unregistred your user name in the registry before, Reminder will not allow you to register with the same name. Reminder assumes that the name is occupied by another user.
    To prove that you are legitimate to use the name you are asked to enter an identification code. Your administrator will evaluate this code with the administrator program (which is downloadable from here) and pass it to you.

Can I establish a connection between a third party program and Reminder? I want to add new appointments and send notes?

    Reminder 5.20 and higher versions allow data exchange with an OLE interface. Various functions permit to access the data in Reminder. You can add, edit or change categories and appointments and send notes to other users. The following code is an example, written in VBA (short for Visual Basic for Applications) and run with MS-Word that can be representative for many (often visual) development environments.

    Sub note_send()
      Rem sends a note to a user (only available if net mode is on)
      Dim Reminder As Object
      Set Reminder = CreateObject("Reminder99.Application")
      Dim id As Long
      Dim find As Boolean
      find = Reminder.User_FindFirst
      If find Then
        id = Reminder.User_ID
        MsgBox (Reminder.Note_Send("From Winword", id,
    	   "By opening this document a new appointment was
    	   added to Reminder."))
      End If
      Rem MsgBox (Reminder.GetLastError)
      Set Reminder = Nothing
    End Sub

    For more infomation see the the zip archive "dokumentation of the OLE interface"

How can I uninstall Reminder?

    Close Reminder first. Then select Start|Settings|Control Panel. Now select "Software" if using Windows® 95/98 or "Add/Remove" if using Windows® NT. In the appearing dialog select "Reminder 99" and click on the button "Add/Remove". Reminder will now be uninstalled. This includes entries in the Registry of Windows® and the possibly existing link in the "Start-Up" program group.

    Please confirm the questions the system asks you during the delete (e.g. delete the file "remind??.dll"?).

    You then may have to manually remove the program folder of Reminder (usually "C:\Program Files\ceytec software\Reminder 99") containing only the data file (e.g. "noname.rem").

Where can I find the latest release?

What are the shareware-limitations of Reminder?

    To evaluate its usefulness you may test Reminder free. This free version has several limitations:

    • You can use up to two categories with up to 5 appointments in each category
    • The network mode can only be used by two users
    • Additional small limitations

    The limitations will enable you to test nearly all functions of Reminder. If you use a licensed version of Reminder, all limitations are removed.

How much is the registration fee for Reminder

    A single license (computer with one CPU) of Reminder costs only US$ or EURO 20.-. You will recieve a registration code. Entering the code will turn off all shareware limitations.

    Outside the European Union (EU) we will not charge any value added tax (VAT). Inside the EU we have to charge VAT except if you are outside Germany and have a VAT-ID (companies only).

    VAT free VAT included
    1   user license only USD/EUR 20.-   only USD/EUR 20.-
    2   users license package only USD/EUR 39.-   only USD/EUR 33.-
    5   users license package only USD/EUR 89.-   only USD/EUR 75.-
    10   users license package only USD/EUR 159.-   only USD/EUR 135.-
    15   users license package only USD/EUR 229.-   only USD/EUR 195.-
    20   users license package only USD/EUR 299.-   only USD/EUR 255.-
    30   users license package only USD/EUR 399.-   only USD/EUR 339.-
    50   users license package only USD/EUR 499.-   only USD/EUR 419.-
    70   users license package only USD/EUR 599.-   only USD/EUR 505.-
    100   users license package only USD/EUR 799.-   only USD/EUR 675.-

How do I receive the registration code that turns the shareware version into a full version?

    Please use the registration assistant to order Reminder. This allows you to print an order form which you can send by mail or fax. With the aid of the registration assistant you can also create an e-mail, which you can send us online. You will receive your registration code by mail, fax or e-mail.

How can I pay?

  • credit card,
  • collect on delivery (COD),
  • cash and
  • personal or bank check or money order

How to get an update?

Where do I get support in case I have a question?

    Most of your questions will be answered by the help system of the program and by this FAQ. If you have further questions, please contact us by e-mail at: support@ceytec.com

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