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Product information
In future the power of your PC will support you by scheduling your appointments, ToDos and projects. Reminder is all you need.

Each appointment/ToDo can have its own pre-warn time. Gain more time by choosing long pre-warn times for appointments that need longer preparatory times.

Reminder will become your personal assistant, which works for you reliably in background.
Special features
Here are some of the special features:

  • Obstinate alarms for unhandled tasks/ToDos
  • Everlasting international holiday calendar
  • Automated birthday age calculation
  • Support for recurring tasks/ToDos
  • Support for many cycle
  • Appointments can be planned many years in future
Screen print
Click on the picture to play a demo video.

Network support
Reminder is also prepared for use in office. Instead of planning your dates isolated from each other the integrated network mode makes it possible to time your appointments with the appointments of all members of your team. To start up a conference you will only need the time for a few mouse clicks.

The information which participants have time is immediately available to you. So you can easily ensure that most participants can take part in your conference.

An already included extra allows you to send short messages in form of yellow stickers to the top of the dektop of other users.
Trial (shareware) version
To find out, if Reminder fits your needs, we offer the program in a free shareware version available here.

If you want to use Reminder after an evaluation time, you will need to purchase a license. The license fee depends on the number of users. You can print an order form directly from the program. We will send you a registrtion code which is all you need to unlock the already installed shareware version.

Outside the European Union (EU) we will not charge any value added tax (VAT). Inside the EU we have to charge VAT except if you are outside Germany and have a VAT-ID (companies only).

VAT free VAT included
1   user license only USD/EUR 20.-   only USD/EUR 20.-
2   users license package only USD/EUR 39.-   only USD/EUR 33.-
5   users license package only USD/EUR 89.-   only USD/EUR 75.-
10   users license package only USD/EUR 159.-   only USD/EUR 135.-
15   users license package only USD/EUR 229.-   only USD/EUR 195.-
20   users license package only USD/EUR 299.-   only USD/EUR 255.-
30   users license package only USD/EUR 399.-   only USD/EUR 339.-
50   users license package only USD/EUR 499.-   only USD/EUR 419.-
70   users license package only USD/EUR 599.-   only USD/EUR 505.-
100   users license package only USD/EUR 799.-   only USD/EUR 675.-
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